Dog Walking

On Leash Dogs are permitted to be walked on a leash around the Pedestrian Path and Park Tracks around Lake Ginninderra. Café Birrigai Cafe on the Eastern Foreshore is a nearby dog friendly cafe if you are looking for somewhere to stop along the way. Gossan Hill Nature Reserve is a designated “On Leash” area. Belconnen … Read more

Lake Ginninderra History

Lake Ginninderra is an artificial lake located on the Ginninderra Creek in Belconnen. The lake was constructed in 1974 to collect stormwater discharge from a 98.8 square kilometres (38.1 sq mi) catchment that includes the surrounding suburbs in the eastern areas of Belconnen. The lake was formed through the construction of the Ginninderra Drive embankment across Ginninderra Creek. The lake has a surface … Read more

Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts

Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts (LGSS) are located on the shores of Lake Gininnderra near Gummiuk Beach and the Promenade at Emu Inlet.  LGSS have a purpose-built Scout Hall and being a Sea Scout group a well equipped boat shed with a large range of sail boats and canoes. Although LGSS activities are based in, on or … Read more


Lake Ginninderra has five beaches located on the Northern Peninsula and the Western Foreshore: Nengi Bamir Beach, Bimbi Beach, Gummiuk Beach, Bargang Beach and Yerra Beach. John Knight Memorial Park has a sandy shoreline but swimming is not permitted.  Lake Ginninderra’s beaches are a great place to do Water Sports. There area number of Jetties … Read more

Bargang Beach

Bargang Beach is the smaller of the two beaches located within the Western Foreshore Park on Lake Ginninderra.  Bargang Beach features a wonderful playground, BBQ and Picnic facilities, toilet amnesties and a Boat Ramp with ample nearby parking. There is also a small Peninsula with lots of local wildlife. It is a great place to … Read more

Ginninderra Bridge

Lake Ginninderra’s Bridge crosses the water between McKellar and Lawson on the Eastern Arm of the Lake. The Bridge connects the Pedestrian Path around the Lake and offers stunning views from the Northern Peninsula towards Gungahlin in the north and the Belconnen Town Centre skyline in the south. The Lawson Naval Tracking Station and the … Read more

Natural wonders

Lake Ginninderra is full of natural wonders from the Eastern Valley Way Inlet Wetlands, the Woodlands Fitness Trails, the Bargang Gum Forest, the beaches, the surrounding Parklands and the magnificent scenic views at sunset and sunrise are truly amazing.


As the sun goes down in the west over Lake Ginninderra, the sky changes colours with magnificent shades of reds and other vibrant colours. The trees in John Knight Memorial Park extenuate their own colours of deep greens, reds and browns. The Lake’s surface reflects the marvellous cloud formations above, providing the best views in … Read more

Running Lights

Running Lights is a series of brightly-coloured columns that respond to Lake Ginninderra and its environment. They chime and sway, and in the evening they shine across the water. Running Lights is a large-scale kinetic sound sculpture, activated by the environmental forces of wind and waves. The sculpture consists of five coloured and illuminated perforated steel … Read more

Community Art

Art and culture has a home on Lake Ginninderra. There are a number of sculptures, artwork, paintings, exhibitions and performances on the Lake’s edge. The Belconnen Arts Centre (Belo Art) is the cultural hub on Lake Ginninderra where patrons can enjoy regular performances, exhibitions and community events adjacent to the Emu Inlet Promenade and Eat … Read more