Dog Walking

On Leash

Dogs are permitted to be walked on a leash around the Pedestrian Path and Park Tracks around Lake Ginninderra. Café Birrigai Cafe on the Eastern Foreshore is a nearby dog friendly cafe if you are looking for somewhere to stop along the way.

Gossan Hill Nature Reserve is a designated “On Leash” area.

Belconnen Dog Park

The fully fenced Belconnen Dog Park located near the Bimbi Beach end of Diddams Close. No cafés here unfortunately but ample picnic tables and barbecue facilities, plus playgrounds for the kids. Or you could drive/walk to nearby dog friendly Café Birrigai Cafe, off Joy Cummings Place, further along on Lake Ginninderra.

Off Leash Areas

The ACT Government maintain a map showing the areas where Dogs can be allowed Off Leash. At Lake Ginninderra, this includes the Joynton Smith Drive Reserve, Northern Peninsula, a small area towards Ginninderra Creek Dam Wall along the Pedestrian Path from Western Foreshore and Nengi Bamir Beach. The dog off leash beach must be accessed on leash through the picnic and playground area immediately adjacent.

Not Prohibited

All other Beaches at Lake Ginninderra are designated “No Go Zones” for Dogs.