The Promenade at Emu Inlet

The Promenade at Emu Inlet is situated at the heart of Belconnen Town Centre, just a short walk from Margaret Timpson Park on Benjamin Way and Westfield Belconnen.

The Promenade features a wide walk way, connecting the southern and western edges of the lake. Thew walk way begins near the Belconnen Arts Centre on Emu Bank and extends to the Ginninderra Sea Scouts on Beissel Street. The area is lined with trees and public seating. Lake Ginnidnerra’s longest jetty extends out over the water offering magnificent views and a place to dangle your feet in the water.

In 2021, Lake Ginninderra photographer, Steve Dodt, shared his first photo of The Promenade on Google Maps. According to a recent email from Google, the photo taken of The Promenade at Emu Inlet has just reached a new milestone. Collectively it has now “been viewed over 30,000 times, helping lots of people get the information they need”.

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